Milan end the American tour, Now in Germany.

Ac MilanBOSTON – Third consecutive defeat for Milan. In Boston the Rossoneri end the tournament and the American Tour losing the last match against Inter. At the end the faces are quite dark, disappointed, but everyone knows that from now on work needs to be done to improve the physical condition and the tactical aspect. Today on the pitch for 90 minutes were Massimo Ambrosini, Pato, and again Ronaldinho, who in the second half showed some good things. Here are the voices of coach Leonardo, Jankulovski and Oguchi Onyewu.

LEONARDO: “I don’t want to come up with excuses. Losing is never nice, let alone to Inter, but I have to say that the organisation and program of this tournament wasn’t the best. We played 3 games in 5 days, while Inter could prepare without problems. There is tiredness. Honestly I also have to say some things did not go like we wanted. Now we must not criticise this team, because it needs to be given time. We have not been playing for a long time and some things need to be done. Now we’ll think about finishing also the next tournament and then prepare for the start of the league. We need a couple of reinforcements, we’ll see what happens.”

JANKULOVSKI: “Too bad we lost this game. We cared about it a lot, but to play all those games in a few days isn’t easy. It’s true that we haven’t been working anymore, but it’s also true we have been travelling a lot and moved around a lot. This also makes you tired. I don’t think there is one problem in particular, our form must improve, clearly, but we have concentrate on everything, not just one problem more than another.”

ONYEWU: “It was my first derby. It’s too bad to have lost it like this. I am happy in this team and know I have to grow. I am training to understand better the position I have to hold and the tasks I am given. I’m happy if those I have around me believe in me and say I can give a lot to this team, because that’s also my objective. I care about it a lot and I know we can achieve good results. This is my hope, everyone’s hope. There are good players which is why we have to be convinced of our abilities.”


~ by Ty Santez on July 29, 2009.

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